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This time I have 2 updates for you:

  • New version of Interop Unlock for 2nd generation Samsung WP7 devices. The last version worked for most people. The unlock for 2nd generation devices was downloaded 8852 times. And there was a hand full of people who were unable to successfully unlock their device. The new unlock adds an alternative unlock method, which should work for these people too. You can read more about the previous release of this unlock here. You can download the package for this unlock from the Download section. The instructions are inside the package.
  • WP7 Root Tools SDK 1.1 is a minor update. It fixes a bug in registry access and the documentation was improved to reflect changes from the version 1.0 release. This is also available from the Download section.

I'm also very close to a release of WP7 Root Tools 1.2. I'm only waiting on some translations and test-results. The key-change in this version is "Internet Sharing unlock".

One final note: Google Adsense has disabled my account, so this website currently has no ads. I appealed to their decision. From what I understand now, I am accused of illegal click-activity. This means they think I route traffic to my site to generate extra income or something. I don't know how they get that idea, but I know I only serve ads to generate a little money to compensate the costs of this website and I strictly comply with their policies. I've tried to explain that in my appeal. So I hope to stay a "partner" of Google Adsense and keep this website running.

- Heathcliff74 -

Update: Google reviewed the situation and enabled the ads again. Thanks Google.