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Hi again! Spamming you all with another release ;-) This is WP7 Root Tools 1.2. This is a list of the changes in this version:

  • Added color values to Accent Color editor.
  • 3G toggle tweak improved.
  • Added Internet Connection Sharing unlock. If your operator has blocked Internet Sharing, WP7 Root Tools can attempt to configure Internet Sharing and bypass the barrier that is installed on the phone. This probably won't work on LG devices, because their drivers don't support Internet Sharing. This unlock is only meant to unlock the operator barrier.
  • Added Automatic Data Configuration function. This will attempt to automatically setup the configuration for your mobile operator in case your mobile internet settings are somehow screwed up.
  • Added shell-handler in Explorer for provxml-files.
  • Removed wrong buttons on Device tab.
  • Disabled cache for filesystem and searches. Caching mechanism was implemented back when old exploits were used, which were much slower. Disabling caching shows better browsing and search-results.
  • Added two languages: Serbian and Albanian. These versions can be downloaded in separate packages, because they are not officially supported by Windows Phone 7. Thanks to all people who helped with the translations!
  • Removed ads for better Root Tools experience ;)

WP7 Root Tools can be downloaded from the Download section.

Have fun!