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Hi everybody!

Last week I announced the next version of WP7 Root Tools. It will be version 0.12 alpha. This version is now feature-complete. With that I mean, that it has now all features that I had devised when I started developing WP7 Root Tools almost 2 years ago. I have more ideas, but that is for later. This upcoming version will probably be the last alpha version. It contains "Policy Unlock v2" which will allow running homebrew native executables. This feature contains a lot of advanced code, which is all really fresh, hence the alpha-tag. If issues are reported I will try to fix them in the "beta" version, which will be followed by the final version of WP7 Root Tools 1.0!

While I iron out the final details for version 0.12, I need YOUR help. For this version I extracted all the text from WP7 Root Tools and I put them in Language resource files. I want to support as much languages as possible!! I already have translations for English, Dutch, German (thanks HD2Owner!) and Russian (thanks AndrewSh!) If you are able to translate the English resources to your own language, you can help me. Download the resource-files from the download-section. The archive also contains instructions.

I will release version 0.12 very soon. So I'd like to have the translations quickly. But if you don't have your translation ready, don't worry! Please finish and send it to me. I will make a new release with your translation soon afterwards.

If you have any questions, you can contact me for support.

Thanks a lot to everyone for helping!!



Currently I have these translations:

Russian - AndrewSh
German - HD2Owner
Portuguees - Paulo Santos
Chinese - Reker Chen
Hungarian - Balcsida and Tukacs Gábor
Czech - Pavel "Paulos" Valach
Spanish - Esteban Reche and David E. Salazar Paris
Slovak - Brano Grenuš
Polish - Budniu
Italian - Fabio Di Peri
Turkish - Orhan Bozkurt
Arabic - Hassan Selim
English - me
Dutch - me

These translations are currently being tested.