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It seems the media haven't really picked the news that XDA Dev Team has released new series of Windows Phone 7.8 ROM's. These custom ROM's can be flashed to devices that have an HSPL bootloader installed. The buildnumber of these roms is 8858, which is the real RTM build. The build tag is "WM7_Main_Ship". This is a list of ROM's that was released so far:

The ROM's are created by these ROM-chiefs: Ultrashot, HD2Owner, CeesHeim and Lucifer3006. The ROM's are all flavored a bit differently, but the all have at least these key-features:

  • Full unlock v4 - now with root access notifications.
  • Ringtones from your personal music collection.
  • Clock tile.
  • High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles.
  • USB2Video driver.
  • XAP deployer built in.
  • Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher.

Ultrashot also released his new WPBackup utility.

If you want to check out the latest Windows Phone 7.8 features, be careful and read all installation details. Flash at your own risk!!!

- Heathcliff74 -