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It seems the media haven't really picked the news that XDA Dev Team has released new series of Windows Phone 7.8 ROM's. These custom ROM's can be flashed to devices that have an HSPL bootloader installed. The buildnumber of these roms is 8858, which is the real RTM build. The build tag is "WM7_Main_Ship". This is a list of ROM's that was released so far:

The ROM's are created by these ROM-chiefs: Ultrashot, HD2Owner, CeesHeim and Lucifer3006. The ROM's are all flavored a bit differently, but the all have at least these key-features:

  • Full unlock v4 - now with root access notifications.
  • Ringtones from your personal music collection.
  • Clock tile.
  • High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles.
  • USB2Video driver.
  • XAP deployer built in.
  • Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher.

Ultrashot also released his new WPBackup utility.

If you want to check out the latest Windows Phone 7.8 features, be careful and read all installation details. Flash at your own risk!!!

- Heathcliff74 -

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I'm proud to announce the immediate availability of WP7 Root Tools 0.12 alpha! New main features: Policy Unlock v2, 16 languages, Advanced File-system and Registry Search, Certificate Stores and Tweak Section.

Unlocking Homebrew Native Executables for Interop Unlocked devices has been a long-time prestige-project for me. And now it's here :-)

Special thanks to these people:

HD2Owner: for a lot of patience, learning me how to make my own test-ROM's.
Ultrashot and Cotulla: for a lot of nice chat-sessions and exchange of ideas.
CeesHeim: for providing a test-device.
AndrewSh, Ondraster and many others: for moral support.

Thanks to these people for helping with the translations: AndrewSh, HD2Owner, Paulo Santos, Reker Chen, Balcsida, Tukacs Gábor, Pavel "Paulos" Valach, Esteban Reche, David E. Salazar Paris, Brano Grenuš, Budniu, Fabio Di Peri, Chemeng, Alexandre Thouvenin, Orhan Bozkurt, Hassan Selim.

The homepage is updated with all new details, so read on for more details.

- Heathcliff74 -

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Hi everybody!

Last week I announced the next version of WP7 Root Tools. It will be version 0.12 alpha. This version is now feature-complete. With that I mean, that it has now all features that I had devised when I started developing WP7 Root Tools almost 2 years ago. I have more ideas, but that is for later. This upcoming version will probably be the last alpha version. It contains "Policy Unlock v2" which will allow running homebrew native executables. This feature contains a lot of advanced code, which is all really fresh, hence the alpha-tag. If issues are reported I will try to fix them in the "beta" version, which will be followed by the final version of WP7 Root Tools 1.0!

While I iron out the final details for version 0.12, I need YOUR help. For this version I extracted all the text from WP7 Root Tools and I put them in Language resource files. I want to support as much languages as possible!! I already have translations for English, Dutch, German (thanks HD2Owner!) and Russian (thanks AndrewSh!) If you are able to translate the English resources to your own language, you can help me. Download the resource-files from the download-section. The archive also contains instructions.

I will release version 0.12 very soon. So I'd like to have the translations quickly. But if you don't have your translation ready, don't worry! Please finish and send it to me. I will make a new release with your translation soon afterwards.

If you have any questions, you can contact me for support.

Thanks a lot to everyone for helping!!



Currently I have these translations:

Russian - AndrewSh
German - HD2Owner
Portuguees - Paulo Santos
Chinese - Reker Chen
Hungarian - Balcsida and Tukacs Gábor
Czech - Pavel "Paulos" Valach
Spanish - Esteban Reche and David E. Salazar Paris
Slovak - Brano Grenuš
Polish - Budniu
Italian - Fabio Di Peri
Turkish - Orhan Bozkurt
Arabic - Hassan Selim
English - me
Dutch - me

These translations are currently being tested.

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The new version of WP7 Root Tools is nearing completion. It will get a lot of new features, including Policy Unlock v2, which will allow running Homebrew executables and it will bring support for WMDC Launcher to get full File System and Registry sync with your desktop PC. Here are some teaser-screenshots:


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There is a new method for flashing Nokia Lumia 800 devices. This seems to work on all devices. It allows you to flash custom unlocked ROM's. But be aware: This is for Experts only!! It requires you to disassemble the phone, solder connection points and you need extra hardware for this!

I need to state that I am no hardware expert. So use this information at your own risk!! I am not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly from using this information.

Normally, to get directly into the hardware of a phone, a technique called JTAG is used. To do this you need to connect hardware to connection-points on the mainboard of a phone and allows you to hook directly into the CPU of the phone. The technique that is uncovered now looks similar, but it is different. It seems that the Nokia Lumia 800 has connection-points that provide a serial-interface (similar to UART), which allows direct access to the NAND of the phone. This bypasses the Image-Update-mechanism, which does additional signature/certificate checks.

With direct access to the NAND, it is possible to flash custom ROM's. It is also possible to flash another OSBL partition. The earliest batch of Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 devices, were shipped with stock Qualcomm bootloaders. Those Qualcomm bootloaders also provide direct access to the NAND of the phone. So those phones could be flashed with custom ROM's. And the partitions could also be dumped on the PC. So it is possible to get the unlocked Qualcomm bootloader from the phone. Later batches of these phones were shipped with a bootloader that was customized by Nokia. This OSBL is known as Nokia DLOAD. Direct access to NAND was removed. And the unlocked Qualcomm bootloader that was dumped could not be loaded onto those phones, because you would need to load it using the Image-Updater, which does certificate checks. For Nokia Lumia 710 a signed package from the Qualcomm bootloader was found on the Nokia servers. This allows Nokia Lumia 710 users to downgrade their Lumia to the old Qualcomm bootloader and get access to NAND for flashing custom ROM's. The new technique, that is now uncovered, also allows to write back the dumped Qualcomm bootloader. Once that is done, the device is open for custom ROM flashing, even without the need to for extra hardware and disassembling the phone. That way, you need to disassemble the phone only once, and you'll be able to flash the phone as often as you like. However, you have to watch out for Zune updates. These updates can contain updated Nokia DLOAD partitions. So a Zune update can cause your phone to relock!

First you need to buy a device that can connect the serial interface to your PC. You need an Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF Box) for that. More info here:

Then you need to make a connector-cable according to this mapping:

And you need to get to the mainboard of your phone:

Then you need to connect the cable to the connection-points on the mainboard of the phone. You may need to solder the cable temporarily to the mainboard-connection-points!

Again, this is for experts only!! Especially because you need to solder on the mainboard of the phone. And those connection-points were not meant to be soldered on!

Many thanks to:

For people who don't want to risk all this, I can only say, that I'm still very actively searching for exploits to unlock Windows Phone 7 and especially Nokia Lumia devices. I've done A LOT of research over the last months. And although it is fruitless so far, I'm still working on some angles that I have hopes for that it will succeed in the end.

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