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Amazing... I released WP7 Root Tools 0.11 alpha last night. Now some Chinese guys from qdppc.com already extracted the resources, translated and repacked WP7 Root Tools for a Chinese release! They did not ask permission, so any problems with that version should be addressed in that forum, because I can't support that language. But I don't mind what they did. Let everybody enjoy the power of WP7 Root Tools! :-D

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That's a quick one ;-) Shortly after the previous version, I have a new release.

Changes in this version:

  • 3 fatal exceptions fixed
  • Better support for some Samsung devices

Get it from the download-section!

Discussion thread on XDA

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Today I release WP7 Root Tools 0.10 alpha. New in this version:

  • Many user interface enhancements
  • Multi-file operations added (tap on left of items in file-explorer to get extra selection-possibilities)
  • Improved performance in file-explorer (special thanks to Ultrashot)
  • Shell handling added in file-explorer
  • Better error handling and reporting
  • Lots of small bug-fixes

Homebrew Executable unlock is not yet implemented in this version. This new unlock (Policy Unlock v2) will be released as soon as possible.

The new package is available in the download-section of this site.

Discussion thread on XDA



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Jeremy Sinclair (a.k.a. Snickler) has created an Async CTP wrapper for the WP7 Root Tools SDK. It lets you combine the ease of use of Async CTP and the power of WP7 Root Tools SDK. I added it to the Downloads-section.

Follow Jeremy Sinclair: @sinclairinator

More on Async CTP:

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